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Before we read...

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Before we read...

Post by jackactforever4 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:55 am

Everybody can learn in a various way to communicate. And somehow, effective communication became a crucial need for everyone - not excluding you who are reading this post. Guess what, you cannot called a one-way talking effective, or just writing a abstruse letter cannot be called communication. Communication - including talking, writing, reading and other various way - is only effective when two or more is understood without vague misconceptions.
Let's get back to our topic on reading. Like stated before, reading is also a type of communication: the author is the one who do the speaking, and you are the one to listen and understand him - and this only works out when you truly understand him and CRITICIZE him. But how could you understand a person who never speaks your language or uses such complicated words sent from the past, or who is a professor at Harvard trying to use jargon to challenge his reader, or even some Shakespeare with a great romantic sense that you can't bear for another minute. So how can you deal with that author? I've got bad news and good news for you
Bad news: they won't bother to explain anything to you, they won't translate to your familiar simple words, and they are trying to test your mind. Ouch, be careful!
But the good news: YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!
"I don't have abundant vocabulary to deal with a skillful writer", "I don't understand the way he wrote, it's confusing", "What? I'm living in a peaceful place, how am I supposed to understand the hardship people had to face in the past?", "errgh, stupid words! They make no sense at all, I wonder who praised Shakespeare so much that we have to study his lines. So lame". Those are thoughts you have in mind when you happened to deal with books on subject/point of view that you never experienced. I don't blame you. In fact, it happens to everyone. We do not have enough experience to understand everything, actually, we don't know much about the world yet.
That's why before you read, you should set your view the way the author wrote the book!
[well, that was just only a beginning, sorry for being too long, but in that way, you know the importance of this method]

Here are the steps you should do to "set the view" - which means to create an environment similar to the writer's imagination/experience
1. Read the back of the book/the cover if you have a paper book. In case you have the ebook, find a good summary to read
2. To make sure you understand the summary fully, read again. And don't read critics' review or any sparknotes
3. Read the introduction to know why the author wrote the story or what made him think of it, or the situation/his life that lead to that story. Once again, make sure you know and understand all [if there's any vocabulary you don't understand, check it out, here's the time to do that]
4. ALWAYS HAVE A PEN/PENCIL IN YOUR HAND! [this makes you concentrate and focus on the idea, not the words...you find out latter]
5. OK, here's a big deal. Since you have gone through those steps which I call getting to know the book and now, it's time to do some surgery with the book. Be careful and gentle with your patients. Here they are...
a/Romantic novels: this type is one of the hardest case: full of philosophies and experiences that are unknown to social life and that's what makes it a boring type. Doctor love, you are not getting any sleep now, so take A PENCIL with you so your eyes would open!
Now, everybody has a different sense of love. Some found love interesting in the way it complicates things. Some found it gentle and should be handled with care. Some even think love is simple in the way a single touch can become one. That's why you should create an environment suitable for you
For example: you are a sophisticated person, your favorite type of dates is the one that is at the corner of the room, at a round table filled in dark-red garments with a vase of roses in the middle and without a glass of wine and three candles close to you, that can't be called a date. There, you has just create your own environment. Think of a book as a date with you, and you are listening to her to know what she is thinking. Sit at a place you just imagine or at least alike a lot
Another example: you are such a simple-minded person, love came to you as a natural process, you sure like adventure and love is just another exploration. Your love simply follows your heart, one morning, you sit by a window, looking down the street. A pretty girl comes across, her hair beautifully flows in the wind flashing a pleasant light to your eyes. That's what caught your attention, you keep minding at her steps until she gets away from your sight at the corner of the street. Once again, the book is that girl. And you while looking for a chance to meet the girl again and talk to her, here she is! Just sit by the window and enjoy the book!
b/Adventure novel: this should be an easier case. This type of novel surely makes you use your imagine a lot. Like I said before, you should sit at a place where you find your adventurous sense comes to you naturally. A window with a northern wind blowing at 8km/h or on a table should be a great place for me! What about you? Figure out! [if you can't, tell me, I'll try my best to help]
c/ Horror novel: this should be a great strange case, doctor! If I were your dad, I would say "don't be afraid, son. There's nothing about it that is so scary". However, oddly, I say: PREPARE TO BE SCARED!! You should be scared, it will be more interesting. A place to read this kind? Um...in the dark should be the best! Buy a charging-light, when you read this kind of book, turn of the electric lights and turn on the charging light in the middle of the room. Or buy a light bulb, it will give enough light for you to read. Turn off the lights and enjoy the ride...your final destination is set!

That's all the type I could think of. I'll add more latter

6. Oh, about vocabulary and grammar. Did I forgot to tell you about it? YOU SHOULDN'T KEEP YOUR MIND ON VOCABULARY OR CHECK NEW WORDS RAPIDLY! When you face off a new word, what you should do is guess and get on with it! Like in the introduction, I wrote the word "abundant", some of you may not know what it means; but in the context, you should guess it's synonym to "broad, a lot of". If the context didn't provide enough clues for you to guess, the pencil I mentioned has a role here: MARK THE WORD - you will check it out after reading!
7. And when you don't understand anything, feel free to ask sb if they read the same book
8. Last tip! Asking as many question as you read would be the best way to criticize to book. Feel free to say to yourself: "why would the author say that? it's stupid...maybe the most stupid thing I've ever heard of". Don't just nod to the author's points of view but come up with a reason to be against it! Have your own favorite author/novel

Phew...You should be at ease right now after reading a confusingly long post. That's all! You can smile!! tongue


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