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Classroom debate rubric

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Classroom debate rubric

Post by Orchidee on Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:39 pm





1. Organization and Clarity:

viewpoints and responses are outlined
both clearly and orderly.
Unclear in most parts
Clear in some parts but not over all
Most clear and orderly in all parts
Completely clear and orderly
2. Use of Arguments:

reasons are given to support viewpoint.
Few or no relevant reasons given
Some relevant reasons given
Most reasons given: most relevant
Most relevant reasons given in support
3. Use of Examples and Facts:

examples and facts are given to support
Few or no relevant supporting
Some relevant examples/facts given
Many examples/facts given: most relevant
Many relevant supporting examples and
facts given
4. Use of Rebuttal:

arguments made by the other teams are
responded to and dealt with effectively.
No effective counter-arguments made
Few effective counter-argumentsmade
Some effective counter-arguments made
Many effective counter-arguments made
5. Presentation Style:

tone of voice, use of gestures, and
level of enthusiasm are convincing to audience.
Few style features were used; not
Few style features were used
All style features were used, most
All style features were used

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Re: Classroom debate rubric

Post by lifedesigner on Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:51 am

OK, so everyone print out that sheet and give debaters points depend on how they do in each section, is that what you mean, Lan Wink ?

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