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3rd debate : Teenage Love Affair

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3rd debate : Teenage Love Affair

Post by Orchidee on Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:48 am

lol, I don't know how to write a report for this week debate. I mean, off-topic, a lot ! I even feel like we had a discussion, not a debate >____< Sorry, since Ngọc couldn't be the host this week, I couldn't get everything in the right way. So, to anyone who feels disappointed, I'm terribly sorry

Okay, here we go !

Topic : "Is love in Vietnam High School acceptable "
Time & Date : 8pm – 10’40 pm, Sunday, June 23, 2008
Debaters : Pro : Dawn Duong - Con : Mai Anh
Host : Lan Tran
Audience : Duke, Trang Hoang, Minh Huong, Thach, Hoang Minh ;-D

Dawn Duong’ s key points :
- There is a change in student's opinion. They care less about the other's opinion and they are much confident
- Parents are okay with teenage love affair
- Society : "It's not a bad thing"

Mai Anh’s key points :
- Teenage doesn't have time for social activities or part time jobs
- Money consuming. For example, you have to buy gifts for your "lover" in his/her birthday
- There are problems from school and parents
- Teenage love affair affects other


- Dawn said "Love doesn't depend on social position, age, ..."
~> Mai Anh : "You have to look at real situation"
( I don't remember this part clearly. Maybe Dawn tries to state that "age" is not the problem when you are in love )

- Dawn asked Mai Anh to give some examples. Mai Anh told about some couples in her class and : " Sometimes it's good, for example, some couples in my class share knowledge to each other. Everything has 2 side ..."

Questions from the audience

- Lan asked Mai Anh to give example about her "Teenage love affair affects other"
Mai Anh : Kissing couple in class
Me : How it can be a problem, I mean, they are kissing but they don't make any noise, ...
Mai Anh : You really don't notice it
Me : Nope, for example, I sit in front of the class, near the teacher, they are in bottom of the class or in the corner, so how can I see them or be affected by them
Mai Anh : nope, but the other in the class can scream out loud like "Oh my god, look at them, they are kissing"

- Lan : Dawn, you said that the society is okay with teenage love. but in the past, it's something could be critised by the public. so what made the change
Dawn : since the country is open, we meet new waves of culture
Lan : And then you say that parents are okay with it ?!!
Mai Anh : yup, my parents are not so okay with it ( She also told us a story about her dad - being strict to her about this whole "teenage love affair" ;-D )
Dawn : parents are really open-minded nowadays, I mean, they can be busy all the time and then let their children do what these children want. Or parents are just cool with it. They prefer to let their child be in the right way rather than ban them. Like, they ask their children's "special friend" to home

- Duke asked the both debaters "What is love in high school "
Dawn : feelings, based on friendship but .. more than friendship ( sozzy sis, I don't remember clearly what you said )
Mai Anh : the feelings between 2 different sex ...
Me : hey hey hey <~ lol, can you guys, reader, guess what i was about to talk. lol, people in the debate are really smart, lol, I mean, Mai Anh, Duke and sis Duong all got the idea . Okay, back - me : so do you believe that there is love between bisexual ( gay and les ) in high school.
After that, we said something, but that's not really "debate" cause they are only "thoughts" only, I mean, Duke and Mai Anh weren't so cool with the whole "gay stuffs" but I and sis Duong were okay with it. lol, Duke played a joke on me by asking what would I do if I had a daughter who was a les. I stated that I would be totally cool with it. I mean, it's her life, her choice so I respect my daughter ;-D ( well, in case it really happens )

-Lan to Mai Anh : why money is a problem in high school love ?!! I mean, it's really the matter in all relationship. I mean, how can it be a must that you have to give your lover gift in his/her birthday ?!!
Mai Anh : if you don't do that, what will you do instead ?
Lan : walking together in the beach
Mai Anh : so, there is no difference, compared to the other days. i mean, other days, you guys can do it also
Lan : Well, so maybe a kiss =))
lol, after that Duke stated this was a personal stuff so we didn't go on ;-D

Comments from host and audience

- I thought we chat-chitted so much that I didn't think we did the debate in the right way. Duke said this was only our 3rd time, so, don't be harsh about it

Okay, the following sentence is taken from our 1st debate. Hope you guys read it carefully ! Don't worry, everybody makes the same mistake ;-D

- In some point in
rebuttal,when Trang or Vy agree with the other’s idea, they said
“Everything has good and bad side” , which is absolutely the wrong
thing to do in a debate. You have
to stay in your side and support
it, do not say that you agree with the opponent’s idea nor pick both
side by saying “everything has their two side”

- I thought ( but I didn't have chance to speak out ) : the conclusion of sis Duong ( after the rebuttal ) wasn't good. I mean, don't state the example or thesis in your conclusion. important key words or ideas are needed only. Mai Anh did good ;-D


I really don't remember what we talked about ! Too much. Here are some that is still in my head

- Duke asked sis Dawn to say the word "Chảnh" in her hanoi-ish accent =)) [ Hanoi-ish is taken from Mai Anh =)) ]

- Sis Dawn asked Duke about his life in US. He told us about the prom

- Some serious talking about the club ;-D

That's all for now >____________<

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Re: 3rd debate : Teenage Love Affair

Post by Jennie Tran on Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:22 am

wow..i wish i could join into next debate...but it's impossible :-< because i didnt have the headphone to talk to you guys...so...D
in this debate, i think we better choose another topic, i feel it's not suitable for us to make a seriously debate.It's kind of a private, and no one could discuss exactly about this..
that's my opinion..^^ but u guys did a good job in this debate...congrat Smile)
Jennie Tran

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Re: 3rd debate : Teenage Love Affair

Post by lifedesigner on Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:48 am

Darn, how could you remember all of that? Taking notes? Recording it? I have no idea cause all I remember is your bisexual Q and Duong's Hanoi-ish accent on "chanh" :D (btw, 3 cheers to Saigonish accent for saying that word cooler and teasier Smile) )

Hey hey, we just talked off-topic when someone gotta go out. That is the same as when a teacher stops talking in class Smile)

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Re: 3rd debate : Teenage Love Affair

Post by Orchidee on Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:01 am

I took note Cool and seriously, this debate was so fun which made me remember almost every single details of it, especially the sexual part Laughing

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Re: 3rd debate : Teenage Love Affair

Post by Sponsored content

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