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Diary: Retreat

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Diary: Retreat

Post by gothmania on Fri May 02, 2008 11:25 am

I often stain myself with blackness whereas there are rays of light shining brightly above my head. The beauty of the melody I often hear, the beauty of the view I often see and the beauty of the food I often taste do make me comfortable. I sometimes enjoy my life and do think it is beautiful enough. But walking on your own way always brings accidental surprises, which may delay your trip and force you to consider. You usually stop and look back, and may retreat. But ...

There comes the times when you coincidentally see a wrong way but still go ahead. There comes the times when you found yourself entrapped all of a sudden but do nothing to escape. Among your reactions, which is the best? Have you ever realised such a thing? I bet not. All of us risks our life, swimming in the pool of foolish things without a bouy and never hesitate about what might come. Do you happen to know it?

There are things make you feel sad. Me, too. "What will you do if so?" You look at me and ask the same question? Hmm, I shall enclose my sorrow, throw it away and return to my regular habit. The so-called resurrection often comes back on time, yet it occasionally loses the way. However, things are still fine because I get used to standing my own feelings.

The confusion always drives you mad. To make a proper decision is not easy, is it? And now, I also have to face with a stuff like that. Should I go ahead or hide myself behind the veil of secrets? Then will the future come brightly or darkly enshroud? How come things will be solved without any pain or scars left? I always question a lot and then answer nothing.

Then I retreat. Let's wait for the coming future, regardless if it is dark or light.


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