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Relate a story where you were lost for words by the behaviour of your friend or family member.

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Relate a story where you were lost for words by the behaviour of your friend or family member.

Post by tAnk on Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:09 pm

“What ? You are leaving ?”, asked John in surprise.

“Yes, in... a week”, I replied.

“But... but, why ?”, John asked.

I did not know how to answer him. I was just standing there, stunned by his sorrowful voice.

Finally, I murmured, “I'm sorry”.

“No way,” John ran away, his figure lost in the shadow of the night.

John and I had been friends for more than 5 years. We used to be neighbor and used to be classmate. Whatever that we did, from playing sports to study, we did together. To me, he was the kindest boy ever. He was like a brother of mine and I knew that he had the same feeling towards me.

There was one occasion that I could never forget. It was a rainy day and I had to stay back in school alone to prepare for our class festival. When I was too tired that I was thinking of giving up, out of the blue, he came and helped me. I could remember how surprise and thankful I was.

Then, one day, I came and told him that I was going to leave for US, he was shocked. He and I had a promise that we would study in the same university. Unfortunately, my parents had chosen another journey for me; and I could not hesitate.

To my surprise, he avoided to see me since then. I though that we could have at least one last week together, but there was no way for me to contact him. It was like he had vanished.

Those days were really hard for me. I thought that he was angry with me, with my unexpected trip.I did not even have a chance to go out with him once.

I waited silently for the day to come, the day that I will have to leave my hometown, my family and my firends behind. People came, people left, leaving gifts, hugs and tears behind for me. None of them was John, the person that I wanted to see the most, I just wanted to say sorry to him. Where did he go, what he had done, I was clueless.

Then that day came in grey. I had not seen him for a week. It felt like a century with me.

Things never follow the way that you think. Just right after I left the car that took me to the airport, I heard a voice behind me, calling my name. I glanced back, the voice was too familiar to me. I was him. I was surprised, or, in a way, excited to see him. Gently, he gave me a notebook and a pair of colourful figurines.

“I am sorry for not seeing you earlier,” he said, “ But I wanted to do something for you, and it took all my times,” he looked at his gifts, “I was angry with you, but now the feeling is gone. I made the figurines myself. They represent you and I. They can not be separated because they have a string that tie their heart together. I hope that you won't forget me when you are in US. Take care and study well. I will miss you very much, bro.”

It was until then that I knew boys can cry. He cried. I was lost for words. I feft a terrible saddness inside my heart. It was like a knife that stab nonstop into my heart. It started to rain. I can taste the bitter of each drop on my face. I can not tell if they are my tears or the droplets of the rain.

The plane took of its wings carrying me and leaving John behind. However, it could not separate our soul. I opened his notebook. There were full of colourful pictures of us. There were funny, stupid notes about us written by our friend. There was a note written by him : Friends forever.

P/s : When I was writing this story, the words came naturally to my head. I did not think much, just note down those that came to my head. In the end, it did not get high mark, but somehow, I enjoyed it. Smile

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