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Some tips to avoid stupid mistakes

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Some tips to avoid stupid mistakes

Post by Orchidee on Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:04 am

From my experience

- You are not sure about the exact meaning of some words ? Use Cambridge Dictionary ( http://dictionary.cambridge.org )

- You are not sure about the spelling ? Use Google. For example : just type "microphon" in Google and 5 seconds later, it asks "Do you mean microphone ?" Using Cambridge Dictionary is okay but it provides a list of nearly 30 alternatives which makes me so crazy. To see what alternatives for "microphon", click here http://dictionary.cambridge.org/results.asp?searchword=microphon&x=0&y=0

- When I am out of words, I use Viet-Eng Dictionary ( http://vdict.com/ ). Remember to check the word VDict gives you in Cambridge Dictionary to make sure that you don't use any words which are understood in some weird ways

- To make sure that I do not write down any freaky sentences, I use Google =) For example, I type the whole sentence in Google to see if there is anyone out there using it Wink

- Use Microsoft Word !!!! It has your spelling mistakes underlined in red and your grammatical mistakes underlined in green.

Share your tips please !!!

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