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Do you believe in Destiny ?

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Do you believe in Destiny ?

Post by Write Smart Club on Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:36 pm


Do you believe in Destiny?
Hold on! You shall not tell me your opinion before I finish telling my story.
* *
in the northeast promontory of Vietnam, my city is famous for “thay
boi,” fortunetellers who are rumored to be able to foretell the future.
My grandma, superstitious lady, hastily went to meet up with a “thay
boi” on the day my mother got the gynecologic report.
“This child
will be a girl, a girl of a bad luck. She is doomed to face hardship
and failure all her life. All the people who involve with her will be
affected and doomed to misfortune.”
Coincidently (or maybe not?),
just when my mother was four months pregnant, my grandfather died of a
heart attack. The economics of the whole family, which previously
depended on my grandfather, declined and we almost went bankrupt. My
family had to move to another city to live. My grandma blamed the child
for the family crisis; she could never love her grandchild after that.
She insisted my mother get an abortion. Nonetheless, in the end, I was
born on November 5th, 1989.
Well, Me versus Destiny: 0-1
Being a
weak kid since I was small, I was not able to do even the easiest
running practice. During my first four years in elementary school, I
was a frequent visitor of the local hospital due to a disease called
sinuses. At school, teachers did not consider me a bright child. As a
matter of cause-effect, my grandmother called me “A good-for-nothing
burden”. Ouch, grandma, that hurt.
* *
“Mom, I cannot do anything properly. Mom, maybe… maybe the ‘thay boi’ was right. Maybe I am really a failure. ”
mother would, “Listen, you are just ten years old. Your future is still
unknown. Whether you are a failure or not, nobody knows yet. But I know
one thing that I love you. Even when our family faced the hardest time,
I never thought of getting rid of you. Grandma scolded me a lot, but I
never gave up on you. Because mom didn’t give up, you shall never give
up on yourself.”
Well, you know, life does not always turn out the
way you want it to. Even though I tried so hard, studied diligently for
the entrance exam to get into the most selective class of a famous
school in my city, I failed to do so. Again, I lost to my supposed
Me versus Destiny: 0-2.
It appeared as if the fortuneteller was right. Maybe, I am bad luck.
I promised my mom that I would never give up on myself. I set another
goal for myself - I must get in the one of the most selective classes
when I enter high school. After sweating tears and blood (well, I did
exaggerate a little bit) for four years, I finally got what I wanted, a
spot in the second-most talented class. Not bad for a counter-attack,
Me versus Destiny: 1-2
There was a time that I was crazy
about basketball. The female basketball team was always full with
players. I joined the team rather late and was not an outstanding
player. I could not run for more than 10 minutes. All the practice and
training with the team was fatiguing. I knew that if I want to get in
the competitive team, I must work harder than them. I started the habit
of running with my father in the morning since then. I would practice
passes, screen-outs, and shoots every day. One month, two months, five
months passed. One year later, my name was on the list on the official
team for a high school basketball league. That summer, we got the city
bound second place. Grandma, can you see? Me versus Fate: 2-2. Ok, it
is a tie.
* *
2007, the eighteen-year-old Ngoc has a new
goal: getting into University of Richmond. The United States, November
23rd 11:05 pm, I am wearing myself out with all the college application
documents. Fifteen minutes ago, I got a call from my family in Vietnam.
I told my mom that I am encountering the hardest challenge in my life
so far. Over the phone, I overheard the mumble of my grandma mumbling
“What is there to expect? She is doomed to failure any way. That child
cannot do anything herself.” “Mom, I promised you and I will keep my
promise. I would never give up on myself. Wait and see, Mom! I will get
into University of Richmond” is my response.
My grandma, a
superstitious lady, believes in fate. She believes that I am a failure.
So, what do you think? Do you think I will be able to defeat my destiny
and being accepted to University of Richmond?

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Re: Do you believe in Destiny ?

Post by nhatquang2403 on Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:28 am

Amazing idea! This one is so creative! I like it. Thank you so much for posting such a great essay!


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